Information Technologies in Arts and Humanities

Information Technologies in Arts and Humanities

(Education(al) line 230700 ‘Information Technologies’)


The programme is aimed at forming skills and abilities in various fields of arts, humanities, education, culture, and social sphere.

Special attention is paid to multimedia technologies, humanitarian knowledge engineering, and information environment technologies.

The educational programme curriculum combines fundamental humanitarian education and practical mastering advanced information technologies including Internet technologies.


Students are offered the following courses of studies:

·      History and Theory of Art, Music, Theatre, Cinema, Literature, History of Civilization, Cultural Studies, Linguistics

·      Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Informatics, Philosophy, Economy, Management in the sphere of culture and art

·      Computer Systems and Computer Networks, Programming Technologies, Information Technologies, Information System Design, Web-design, Art 3D Modelling, Computer Animation, Modelling Characters, Fundamentals of Visual Digital Technologies, Non-line Video and Audio Editing, Computer-Aided Technologies in Music, Digital Recording of Sounds, Digital Mastering, Information Search Theory, Computing Ontology, Computer Analysis of Natural Language Texts, Engineering Humanitarian Knowledge, Virtual Museums, Digital Libraries


On the basis of fundamental education students acquire professional skills and methods of:

·      Art 3D Modelling and Animation

·      Sound Design in multimedia projects

·      Non-line Video Editing

·      Creation and attending virtual museums and electronic libraries, corporate information systems

·      Engineering Humanitarian Knowledge


Our graduates’ professional activities are connected with applying information technologies in various spheres:

art-projects, multimedia and video art, web-design and net arts, electronic libraries, virtual museums, web-service administering, Internet information search, net mass-media, PR Internet advertising, net external education, web-site management, electronic business and information management.


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