General Information

The programmes of professional art education have a special importance for St. Petersburg State University founded by Peter the Great in 1724. The possibility for creative-minded talented students to study at the Faculty of Arts is one of the aspects of realizing cultural missions of the University. At the Faculty of Arts there are departments of:

  • Informational Systems in Arts and Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Design
  • Organ, Harpsichord, Carillon
  • Restoration

Basic educational programmes for bachelors, masters, and specialists:

  • education line 072500 'Design' (graphic design, environmental design)
  • education line 230700 'Information Technologies' (information technologies in arts and humanities)
  • education line 072200 'Restoration"
  • education line 072600 'Arts and Crafts'
  • education line 073100 'Musical Instrumental Art'
  • specialty 071001 'Painting' (
  • specialty 071002 'Graphics' (
  • specialty 070301 'Acting ' (stage and screen acting)

Educating bachelors, masters, and specialists of Arts is aimed at developing students’ talents, creative abilities and professional skills. Interdisciplinary approach being realized in the process of education helps to successfully master technologies and skills in various kinds of artistic activities to understand special features and cultural context in the development of this or that type of art. Intellectual environment of the University gives all the possibilities for fruitful dialogue of science and art. When studying, the students take an active part in competitions, festivals, exhibitions, and other artistic projects conducted in Russia and abroad. Unique educational programmes are realized by professors of outstanding achievements in Arts. Valery Gergiev, People’s Artist of Russia, Artistic and General Director of Mariinsky Theatre, is the head of the Faculty (2010). At the faculty there are specialized workshops, laboratories, computer classes, lecture-halls. The Faculty of Arts is situated in Vasilievsky Island, occupying three buildings (6th Line bld. 15, 9th Line bld. 2/11, 10th Line bld. 49)