Educational program PAINTING

The program is releasing graduates with a degree in PAINTING with specialization in easel painting.  This course is specifically designed for teaching foreign students.  It combines fundamental Liberal Arts university training with vocational education; graduates of this course will be not only a good craftsman, but, more importantly, a real artist, possessing creativity, broad and independent way of thinking.

The main method of teaching is the classic realistic school of fine arts.

A lot of focus is given to specific disciplines: painting, drawing, composition, surface anatomy, perspective, technique and technology of pictorial and graphic materials, history of art.  Professors of the course are the leading artists, members of the Chamber of Artists.  The best Russian experts from various fields of art are running seminars and workshops of the course.

Rules of admission: to submit your portfolio of works on subjects "Painting", "Drawing", "Composition", Certificate of Test of Russian as a foreign language of the first level.

Course of studies- 6 years.

Tuition fee for one semester - 109 000 rubles.

Adress: Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Arts, office 119,  15, 6-th line, 199004, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel: +7 (812) 323 29 33, +7 (812) 329 08 93 +7 911 246 99 48  E-mail: